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Nervous tics are compulsive and persistent muscle movements with are not organic in origin.  These include many types: jerking of the shoulder, jerking of the head to the side or backward, arm or elbow jerking, trembling of the hand, blinking of the eyes, jerking of the mouth and cheek, etc.  Patients with Tourette's have multiple tics occurring very frequently for at least 1 year (with symptom relief lasting no more than 3 consecutive months).  The tics often interfere with social, occupational, school, or other areas.  The tics often cause distress within the patient or others.  The onset is typically prior to age 18.  There are effective treatments.  The A & B Psychology Clinic has clinicians that have worked with serious cases of Tourette's, even when prior treatments have not been effective.  Dr. Azrin and Dr. Besalel frequently treat patients with Tourette's.  Dr. Azrin is one of the founders of behavior therapy, and has written numerous articles and a book on the treatment of nervous habits.


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