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The Story of Mitchell's Place

Mitchell's Place developed out of one family's need to provide their son with comprehensive treatment that would address his specific needs and enhance his many strengths.

Ten years ago, when Mitchell Meisler was two, his parents, Nancy and Allen Meisler, sought help from their pediatrician. Mitchell was not talking as much as his peers and had a unique and precocious ability to read. After consulting with many professionals, the Meislers had a diagnosis of autism.

Over the next several years, the Meislers found themselves transporting Mitchell from one therapy session to another, several times a week. Fortunately, the school district was able to provide assistance with Mitchell's special needs, but had limited resources and also the responsibility to serve children not diagnosed with autism. They searched for educational opportunities and summer programs across the country.

The Meisler family spent the summer of 2004 at The Auburn University Autism Center in Auburn, Alabama, where Mitchell was enrolled in a summer clinic for children with autism. Impressed by the curriculum, and inspired by the progress Mitchell made while in the clinic, the Meislers decided to build a comprehensive treatment center in Birmingham, Alabama that would in-part model the educational program at Auburn University, and in addition, provide a Multidisciplinary Resource Center . With the opening of Mitchell's Place, the Meislers have met the needs of their son as well as other children with autism and their families in the community and throughout the state.


Mitchell's Place is a caring, supportive, family-oriented treatment center that serves individuals throughout Alabama whose lives have been touched with Autism Spectrum Disorder. At Mitchell's Place, we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. Therefore, it is the goal of Mitchell's Place to optimize the social and academic potential of children and adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In meeting this goal, we will provide diagnostic services, treatment, and education, as well as family and community support, through a collaborative approach, utilizing the most current and proven treatment strategies.


At Mitchell's Place, we seek to become a nationally recognized provider of quality comprehensive services to children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through collaboration with specialists, research support, and implementation of best practices for treatment options, Mitchell's Place will enable the individual with autism to reach his or her fullest potential.

Mitchell's Place is a Non-Profit Organization under section 501(c)(3).

4778 Overton Road, Irondale, AL 35210
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