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Order now for weekday dinners.  Please complete the form below before noon, pickup dinners between 3:15-7 pm (Mon-Thur), (Fri 3:15-5)
Please call 386-3130 for late orders, daily specials, or for items not listed here, which you may find in the Current Daily Menu 


 Number of servings of TILAPIA  WITH  CITRUS  GARLIC  SAUCE, served on a bed of sautéed fresh vegetables including peppers, onions, mushrooms, and Basmati rice.  Served with Bread and Salad.  Price: 11.95/serving.

 Number of servings of SAVORY  MEATLOAF With creamy mashed potatoes, and home-style green beans.   Served with Bread and Salad.  Price: 11.95/serving.  


 Number of servings of CHICKEN  MARSALA served on a bed of angel hair pasta, with seasoned marinated asparagus spears.  Served with Bread and Salad.  Price: $11.95/serving.  


 Number of servings of TRADITIONAL  SHABBAT  DINNER (Fridays Only): Seasoned baked chicken, matzoh ball soup, oven roasted new potatoes, and home-style green beans, and tasty dessert.  Pickup a FREEbottle of Kedem grapejuice with shabbat dinner for 4.  Served with Bread and Salad.  Price: $14.95/serving.

  Number of servings of Michael's Salad with Chicken.  Plentiful chipotle seasoned chicken and lettuce, tomato, carrots, craisins, mandarin oranges, & pecans. Price: $6.50/salad or $4.50 without chicken (please specify if ordering vegetarian under special requests below).

 Number of servings of chipotle Chicken Wraps with red pepper chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato, & grilled onions.  Price: $6.50/wrap.





Kids Meals and Desserts:


 Number of servings of Banana and Chocolate Pastry.  Price: $3.00


 Number of One-Third Pound Hamburgers.  Price/hamburger: $3.50


 Number of orders of Chicken Nuggets.  Price: $3.00


 Number of orders of Chicken Strips.  Price: $6.00


 Number of All-Beef Kosher Hot Dogs.  Price: $2.00


 Number of orders of French Fries.  Price $1.95


 Number of PB & Jelly sandwiches.  Price: $2.50


 Number of PB & Fluff sandwiches.  Price $2.50


 Number of servings Pasta with Side Sauce.  Price $2.00


 Number of Apple Chips Bags (specify flavor in special requests below).  Price $2.00




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