Brookwood Clinic

Brookwood Clinics / Providers

Rick Azrin, Ph.D.     Leslie Kahn, LCSW    Cheryl Millsaps, Ph.D.          Stuart Tieszen, M.D.        Nathan Hansen, M.D.  

Elena Herndon, M.D.     Joel Melvin, Ph.D.     Eric Crowe, M.D.  Margaret Smith, LCSW


Brookwood ADHD Clinic


Birmingham Neuropsychology (205) 329-7815

              Rick Azrin, Ph.D.

              Cheryl Millsaps, Ph.D.


Brookwood Massage (205) 329-7815


Brookwood Psychiatric Associates (205) 329-7805

              Stuart Tieszen, M.D.


Brookwood Psychology (205) 329-7805                

              Joel Melvin, Ph.D.


Comprehensive Memory Center (205) 329-7815


Dementia and Memory Disorders Clinic


Disability / IME Evaluations (205) 329-7815

Nathan Hansen, M.D.

Gastrointestinal Illness Resource Clinic (205) 329-7815

Leslie Kahn, LCSW

Pain and Stress Assessment and Management (205) 329-7815

Weight Loss Surgery

Elena Herndon, M.D. (205) 329-7805

Eric Crowe, M.D.

Margaret Smith, LCSW


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